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It's Time to Cut the Cord and Enjoy FREE TV!

Cancel CableTV

Join the millions of families nationwide by "dumping cable" and "ditching the dish" and bring yourself into the 21st century. Enjoy FREE TV with an over-the-air HDTV antenna system! All of your local programming and many independent channels you'll be sure to enjoy. Your cable or satellite company cannot match the clarity of the picture either! We recommend adding a DVR, ROKU, Firestick, AppleTV, or Chromecast to your TV as well to enjoy all streaming has to offer.






Why do you still subscribe to cable tv or satellite? The answer is simple. You are used to it. You are used to paying that $100 or more per month thinking you're getting hundreds of channels. Actually, you are getting hundreds of channels. You just don't watch 99% of them. If this is you, your cable or satellite company loves you. You also get to pay about 1/3 of your bill just to watch their commercials! Ever notice that there is almost 20 minutes of commercials in a one hour program?

Ever wonder why the cable companies push "Bundling" so much? Because its cheaper to do? Because the customer gets so much more? Hardly. The real reason is to keep your cable company in business. With the advent of cell phones most people do not need a land line telephone. Some people think there is security in having a real land line. Unfortunately, most "land line" phones are IP based. This means they go through the Internet. If you lose your Internet you lose your phone. Cable TV channel packages are becoming more and more expensive. Consumers keep changing packages to reduce their bill or wait to play the game of switching companies to get the "intro" rate. Do you really enjoy this? Bundling helps ensure these services stay around because it forces you to have them.















Here are the facts. Viewing TV is changing to streaming and on demand. Soon the cable companies will turn into Internet companies that sell cable on the side. Almost ALL of what is on cable you can stream through a service like SlingTV ($20/month) or PlayStation Vue ($35/month). "But I have to have ESPN or Fox News or Fox Sports or HBO or CNN or History Channel". Well, the two services mentioned DO have that. All of these different ways of viewing are far less expensive than cable or satellite. I've often wondered why cable and satellite subscribers have Netflix & Hulu. These are two more services you pay for on top of paying for cable or satellite. Seems a bit silly doesn't it?

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